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Suncoast Reef Rovers are a non-profit organization that provides environmental aid & coastal stewardship

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The club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Nokomis Community Center.  You may consult our Calendar page for the next date for our club meeting. The address is 234 Nippino Trail, Nokomis. Located on the East side of US 41, it is one street south of Colonia Lane (Capt. Eddies Restaurant). Turn East on Nippino, follow it around to the left and the Center will be on your right. Meetings begin at 6:30 pm and lasts until 8:00.

Our gatherings are designed to be informal in nature. Seating is in a circular fashion to encourage
participation and socialization during the meeting. 

The agenda normally includes:

  •  Welcome & Introduction of guests
  •  General club business
  •  Review of recent events
  •  Social Committee Report (upcoming events)
  •  Dive Committee Report (upcoming dive trips)
  •  Program (Guest speakers on dive related subjects)
  •  Open floor conversation on who’s been diving and where
  •  Adjournment

Members of the club are welcome to display dive equipment available to sell or swap. Generally club members will gather at a local establishment for food and drink immediately following the meeting.

Dive Trip and Event Policies and Procedures

1) Available spots for club sponsored trips will be offered to club members in good standing on a first paid deposit basis.
A member in good standing must have:

a) A completed club membership application, waiver, and copy of C-card on file with the club secretary.

b) All dues and other expenses current.

If available spots remain after our club members have exhausted their interest, then openings will be offered to non-members with proper diving credentials.  Participants must sign all dive operation waivers and abide by their rules and procedures as well as those of the SunCoast Reef Rovers, Inc.

2) Trip decisions such as choice of dive sites, and other related activities will be determined by a majority vote of our participating club members when necessary. Non-member trip guests are welcome when spots are available, but will not have a vote in such decisions concerning the trip agenda.

3) The founding members of the SunCoast Reef Rovers, Inc. established a tradition of site-seeing and photography club trips.  Spear fisherman are welcome and encouraged to be club members, however club trips and dive activities will be non-spearing events whenever our club has control over the event or activity. This enhances the safety of our club sponsored events while promoting the protection of our underwater environment for future divers to enjoy.

4) Trip members will abide by all pertinent rules and regulations.  The club encourages adhering to the policy of “Take only memories, leave only bubbles.” Divers will be especially environmentally aware when diving on coral reefs using extreme care not to touch, stand-on, hold on to, or in any way damage the sensitive growth of such reefs.  Divers will use extreme caution when interacting with sea life. Never harass our wonderful sea creatures let them interact with you.

5) Periodic trips will be scheduled with volunteer trip coordinators from among our membership.  Deposits for these trips will be handled appropriately to the requirements of the dive operation involved.

a) A package deal with diving and accommodations offered through the dive operator:  The required deposits will be collected by the trip coordinator and a club check will be made payable to the dive operation for such deposits.  Balances due will be collected on or before the required date by the trip coordinator and a club check made payable to the dive operator.  In the event of a cancellation it will be the responsibility of the canceling member to provide a replacement or incur any expense involved due to the cancellation.

b) A dive package with separate accommodations:  Required deposits will be collected for the dive package by the trip coordinator and a club check will be made payable to the dive operator.  Members will be responsible for reserving and making payment for their own accommodations.  In the event of a cancellation it will be the responsibility of the canceling member to provide a replacement or incur any expense involved due to the cancellation.

c) To be included on a diving activity stand-by list, the applicant must make the same initial deposit as required for those already holding reservations.

d) If a spot comes available, and the “stand-by” applicant accepts the space, all additional funds would be payable at the same schedule as others holding confirmed reservations.

e) If a spot comes available, and the “stand-by” applicant is offered the space, but refuses the space, their deposit would be surrendered.

f) All deposits made by “stand-by” applicants, not being offered space on the diving event, will be returned on or after the first day of the diving event. (dependent on the availability of the Treasurer)

6) MOST IMPORTANTLY: It will be the responsibility of each participant to have a wonderfully enjoyable time on every “Reef Rover” trip. It is important to note the Suncoast Reef Rovers, Inc. will not be held accountable for any weight gain of a participating member attributed to the often held opinion that we are an eating club with a diving problem.
Most importantly: Enjoy, Be Happy, and Go Diving!

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