North Jetty Cleanup 2017 Report

This past Saturday the Suncoast Reef Rovers dive club teamed up with Sarasota Bay Watch, NAUI Green Diver Initiative and the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office to conduct our annual underwater cleanup of the Casey Key North Jetty. Nineteen divers, 1 kayaker, 1 snorkeler, 19 topside helpers (and 1 manatee) removed the usual debris from the underwater habitat – fishing line, lures, lead, crab pots, anchors, rope, nets and such. 
SCRR does these cleanups annually at the North and South Jetties, the Venice fishing pier and in the Robert’s Bay mooring area. 
Our dive club has been doing these cleanups for almost 20 years. Last year during our cleanups we removed 114 miles of entangling material (i.e. fishing line, rope, nets, wire), more than 250 pounds of trash, 572
pounds of lead (mostly from net weights), 16 crab traps and doors, 29 fishing nets, seven anchors, 15 buoys, and 11 fishing poles. All of this stuff can be a nuisance for fishermen but is also hazardous to swimmers and deadly for marine creatures.
Anyone who would like to become an active member of SCRR or to support our cause financially is most welcome to contact us or to join us at a monthly meeting. 


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