SNN: Suncoast Reef Rovers 16th Year Partnership with ‘Keeping Sarasota County Beautiful’


Excerpt From the SNN Article:  Suncoast Reef Rover divers are celebrating their 16th year cleaning up what others leave behind in the jetty.

A couple of times a year, a whole team of certified divers navigate into dangerous waters as part of helping ‘Keep Sarasota County Beautiful’ on land team cleanup group.

Sometimes while diving, the visibility can be less than three feet and the current is rough. They pick up hundreds of pounds of trash.

One of the Suncoast Reef Rovers founding members, Greg Vine says animals get hurt and even die because of the trash.

“The biggest things we find here that are the most entrapment… The bait catching paraphernalia” says Vine.

‘Sarasota County Beautiful’ wants the community to come join their ‘Great American Cleanup’ on April 16th from 8 A.M. to noon.

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